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LSQ Crepe Shoes

Featuring a range of footwear that we wanted to make without being restricted by price or quality. We use the best suede leather we can find and the best calf leather on the market to bring you our range of high grade, hand made crepe shoes. The linings in these shoes are fully made from calf, yes!, no pig was harmed in the product’s manufacture! This extends to the sock which sits on top of a high density, high impact EVA inner sole which means that these will most definitely be the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear. Check out some of the photos of us wearing the suede crepe shoes, yup that’s us! It’s actually hard to be convinced to take them off they are so comfortable. Shop here for our iconic collection of suede and leather crepe soles, made from raw resin rubber direct form the tree! Natural, flexible and awesome to wear!

Crepe is a natural material that is made from the latex that oozes from the rubber tree. It is cured which can either be by heating up or using formic acid. This is the acid that used to be obtained from ants would you believe! I could go on but that is why an ants nest is called a fomicary! This allows the rubber to coagulate and solidify. The material is them rolled flat and cut in to varying thicknesses. Our crepe soles use two different sheets which are glued together to build up the height of the heel which is 30mm and the forepart of the sold which is 14mm. Crepe is a really tough natural substance and although it will wear, it will take a long time.

Our Men’s shoes with crepe soles will give you many years of comfortable wear. They are made like all LSQ footwear with the highest grade uppers combined with calf leather linings so that you won’t want to take them off! Whether you buy the leather or suede shoes or the glorious new desert boot, you will be assured of the best footwear we could possibly make!