LSQ England – Men’s High Grade Fashion Footwear

Filling the the gap between Northampton welted shoes at £200+ and the slew of Men’s brands at sub £100, LSQ England launches its pilot collection this season. A collaboration between footwear veteran Nigel Carr and young British designer Blake Robson. LSQ captures the essence of great British shoemaking with a progressive twist.

Nigel Carr - LSQ Shoes

Nigel Carr – LSQ Shoes

“I wanted to create a Men’s collection that I could be proud of, using just the best materials we could get our hands on. The new suede collection for example uses the best suede, real crepe and calf leather linings – we just can’t make them any better.” said Carr.

The collection of shoes sits squarely at the £160 mark with boots at £175 and is comprised of a solid range of polished and burnished leather brogues, loafers and smart “Postman Shoes” as Carr calls them. “Derbys in high shine leather with smooth vamps and black to the floor detailing, complemented by the same treatment on our brogue boots.”

Blake Robson LSQ Shoes

Blake Robson LSQ Shoes

There is a burnished tan brogue, high shine saddle and tassel loafers, Chukka and Chelsea boots and a tight work boot collection. “We have hit the on trend, commercial looks to provide readily saleable styling for retailers, but nothing of what we do could be considered boring. From the wide leather rand, handmade soles, the 20mm pitch on the last to the smart gold LSQ plaque on the sole of every pair, there is a slight twist to everything.” Said Carr.”

“The collection is aimed at the fashion conscious man who is bored by traditional British brands and wants something a little more edgy, but easily wearable.” Robson added.

This is an impressive first collection from the duo who have developed the brand in collaboration with partner, Rondon Shoes in Northern Portugal. “Rondon have a long history of working with UK retailers so understand the market, they understand the branded side too.” Carr told us.

The collection is available on short order with an impressive 6 week lead time for new orders and repeats. The Company already have agents for the North and South of England, Ireland and Australia as well as selected territories around the EU and North Africa. Details of which are on the website which went live for worldwide orders on November 25th in time for the Christmas market.

What does LSQ stand for?, I asked Carr, “Luxury, Style and Quality.” he replied with a cheeky smile!

The brand will be showing at MODA: NEC February 19th-21st Feb 2017 Stand J34

The Brand’s Website is here:

LSQ Footwear Ltd:

P: 0161 941 2800

Contact: Nigel Carr