LSQ Shoes – New Leather Sole Collection Available Now

We like to listen to our public at LSQ so when the agents came back and said ‘Nige, what about a full leather soled option?’ I got the factory to slam them straight in to samples form. The samples arrived this week and they look absolutely awesome. So what have we done? Tara! the LSQ Shoes – New Leather Sole Collection!

We took the proportions of the original Noble, – sole, heel and last and made the kit in to a full leather sole version from the front of the heel to the tip of the toe with a reassuring row of stitching around the outside. Take a look at the photo below:

New leather Sole

New LSQ leather Sole

Best of all the sole is the same price as the chunky rubber/leather sole with the lugs underneath that we have on the rest of the collections. So you get a leather sole version of all of our classics for the same price which is around £150 retail. We honestly can’t say fairer than that can we?!

New LSQ leather Sole Features:

  • Full leather Upper
  • Calf leather Lining (The best and no pig!)
  • Reverse Calf Inside Counter – (For heel grip)
  • Waxed Cotton Laces
  • Leather Sole With Stitched Leather Rand
  • Stitched Leather Sole with Anti Slip Ridges
  • Separate Rubber Top Piece
  • LSQ Plaque – Your reassurance of originality and quality

So what’s in the new LSQ leather sole range?

Original Noble in leather as seen in the black leather version below – Noble in suede and Earl in suede and leather. Take a look at some of the new colours and styling below – these will appear in the LSQ Shoes collection pages of the website as soon as we can get decent photographs. Just ask you agent to show you the samples – but they are identical to the photographs here!

Leather Sole LSQ Noble and Earl

Leather Sole LSQ Noble (front) and Earl (rear)


LSQ Shoes - New Leather Sole Collection Noble Suede - Leather Sole

LSQ Leather sole Noble – Suede

Remember that LSQ Shoes will be showing at Micam Milan in September from the 3rd to the 6th and you are most welcome to visit the stand – Hall 4 KO2.

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